Vision & Mission Statement 2

Mission Statement:

“To provide quality revegetation, soil erosion, landscaping, nursery and agriculture strategies and products, to make Australia the greenest place on earth. Our products are designed to protect and improve the environment now and into the future!”

Vision Statement:

Our aim is to:

  • Provide quality revegetation, horticulture, landscaping, agriculture, civil & nursery supplies appropriate to Australian requirements
  • Lead industry with technically superior products, advice and solutions
  • Test, observe and develop products in the field
  • Commit to providing exemplary customer service and support
  • Maintain a philosophy of creating a ‘partnership’ with customers and environmental care organisations to provide a total solution service
  • Work closely with various industries and organisations to achieve positive and sustainable environmental outcomes
  • Work in conjunction with industry associations to improve environmental outcomes for our clientele and greater society
  • Service all customers, from small to large projects
  • Supply new products that are innovative, dynamic and are capable of solving existing and new environmental issues.
  • Commit to research, innovation and development of sustainable products and materials
  • Continually improve sustainability outcomes, including recycling and reusing our products
  • Prioritise the sustainable protection and improvement of our natural world