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Sleeve Tree Guards

SureGro TreeMax stock a variety of tree guard sleeves made from recycled plastic. These are the original & trusted UV stabilised quality tree guard sleeve that have been used for tree protection for decades.

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Showing all 4 results

Recycled Reveg Sleeve Tree Guards are a popular tree guard for providing plant protection against spray drift, wind and vermin. Developed originally for SureGro this product is not only UV stabilised but has properties that are scientifically proven to provide optimum growing conditions for the plant.


These guards are made from 95% Recycled Plastic and require 3 bamboo or hardwood stakes to fasten the product. This product comes equipped with ventilation holes to ensure the plant does not burn and has enough air to promote growth whilst providing the plant with protection from browsing animals.

Sleeve Tree Guards Features and Benefits
• Made from recycled plastic
• Creates ideal micro climate for plant growth
• UV stabilised
• Scientifically proven to produce best plant growth results
• Economical and cost effective for large plantings
• Available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses
• Standard traditional and trusted form of plant protection
• Provides protection against spray drift and small animals
• Reusable for multiple planting seasons
• CUSTOM PRINTING available (minimum orders apply)

100% RECYCLABLE through our GREENcycle program, click this link to find out more!

Used across Regevegation, Land Management, Natural Resource Management and Landscaping Industries for:
• Roadside plantings
• Cost effective for large scale projects
• Ideal for reuse over 2-3 planting seasons
• Ideally staked with Hardwood Stakes, but Bamboo Stakes can be used depending on onsite weather conditions
• For additional prevention of weed growth, use this product in conjunction with Jute Planting Mats, Recycled Fibre Planting Mats or Recycled Paper Planting Mats
• We are able to custom print Tree Sleeves with a company or project logo. This service requires a minimum order and a printing plate to be made.