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Mesh Tree Guards

SureGro TreeMax stocks a variety of Black Mesh Tree Guards available for revegetation and tree planting contractors. This product is widely used in areas that are prone to wind inundation and adverse environmental conditions.

Showing all 4 results

Showing all 4 results

Our quality Mesh Tree Guards come in a range of sizes from 45-120cm in height and are the ideal choice for tree planters who are carrying out works in areas that are prone to wind inundation and browsing animals. These products are also uv stabilised to cope with our unique Australian weather conditions.


Mesh Tree Guards are a range of UV stabilised, extruded plastic mesh guards that have diamond shaped apertures, providing protection against rabbits, wallabies and foraging animals whilst allowing the tree to grow in its natural climatic conditions, without inhibiting sunlight, ensuring a high growth. These Tree Guards are ideal for areas of high wind and rain inundation.

Features and Benefits

• Protects developing plant whilst providing exposure to natural conditions
• Browsing protection and ability to use in windy and flood prone areas.
• Made from high quality UV stabilised material
• Able to be reused for multiple planting seasons
• Various heights to adequately protect against small to large sized animals.

Used across Regevegation, Land Management, Natural Resource Management and Landscaping Industries for:
• High-wind sites
• Coastal sites
• Mowing areas
• Flood zones
• Reusable for multiple planting seasons planting
• Long term protection against small sized animals

Please note: This product is 100% RECYCLABLE through our GREENcycle program.