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Agriculture & Vine Tree Guards

Our Agriculture & Vine Tree Guards are used widely by growers of various varieties for plants including vines, citrus, macadamias, almonds and cherries! Whether you have a small farm or you’re a large scale producer we have helped millions of primary producers protect their developing plants from animals and spray drift.

Showing all 3 results

Showing all 3 results

Our Agriculture & Vine Tree Guards are used to protect developing plants from spray drift, adverse environmental conditions and browsing animals. SureGro TreeMax Australia have been supplying farms and growers with millions of UV stabilised, quality Agriculture & Vine Tree Guards which are commonly used with our Hardwood & Bamboo Stakes.


Vine Tree Guard Sleeves 

These are a low cost plastic sleeve for vine protection against herbicide drift, wind, frost and vermin. Vine Sleeves are made from recycled plastic and are UV stabilised for added longevity. Vine Tree Guard sleeves come on a perforated roll for easy application for mass plantings. This product provides contractors in agriculture and viticulture industries with an economical way of providing protection for new vines. Easy to install, only requires 1 or 2 bamboo stakes.

Features and Benefits

• Provides Vines and other plants with a good micro-climate to assist in establishment
• Moderate protection against the elements and browsing animals
• Supplied on a perforated roll for ease of use
• Protects from herbicide and other chemical drift
• Assist in protection against “sand blasting effect” associated with sandy soils
• UV stabilised and reusable

Trunk Wrap/ Spring Wrap

These are a unique full wrap, expandable tree guard designed to protect tree trunks. Made from UV stabilized high density polyethylene, it completely encases the trunk, keeping out direct light, herbicide spray drift, vermin and frost. And unlike a spiral, foil or cardboard guard, Trunk Wrap is very efficient at reducing lateral growth. This unique product expands as the trunk growth increases.

Features and Benefits 
• Protects from herbicide drift and vermin
• Suppresses lateral growth
• Encourages straight growth
• Easy & quick to install
• Reusable
• Expands with trunk growth
• UV stabilised
• Australian Made