Revegetation Industry Snapshot

Revegetation Industry Snapshot

Corflute Tree Guards

Sure Gro Tree Max are experts when it comes to the revegetation industry. Our tree guards and associated products have assisted in the growth of over 30 million plants all across Australia. Our organisation was founded on the basis of supplying technically superior plant guards to growers nationally. Many of our tree guards have been trialled and tested throughout a variety of different climatic areas to test for longevity and durability. This includes the new and innovative biodegradable tree guard sleeve which has been tested with various testing partners all across the country!

Sure Gro Tree Max Australia stocks a broad range of revegetation and tree planting products that are used throughout natural resource management industries. With nearly 40 types of tree guards varying in material and sizes we have the tree/plant protection to suit many plant armour requirements. Our Tree Guard range includes protection options for tubestock plants such as milk carton or cardboard style tree guards. We also provide growers with plant protection tree guards for developing plants and stock a range of sizes from 45cm up to 1.2 metres! Tree planting and erosion control are both crucial activities that promote biodiversity and prevent land degradation.

Soil degradation including erosion control and sediment control is a major concern in both rural and urban areas in Australia. Suregro Treemax has a wide array of products, both biodegradable and synthetic that are used for the prevention of soil loss while attempting to establish vegetation. Jute matting and recycled fibre matting come with planting slits that allows clients to plant directly through the jute matting to promote growth, minimise surrounding weeds, retain moisture content and reduce erosion. We have a team of highly qualified staff that are regularly on-site ensuring clients have confidence in the products chosen.

Sure Gro Tree Max are also proud to be involved with Landcare Australia through our “Give Back to Grow’ grants program. are you a Landcare group registered on the National Landcare Directory? If so, we proudly donate 5% of the proceeds of your sale back to Landcare Australia for future grants programs. Click here to find out more.

We are also proud to offer GreenCyle or recycling of most of our tree guard range. Click here to find out more.

Contact our revegetation experts to ensure you choose the best tree guard and erosion control matting for your project.

We more than likely have the tree guard or revegetation product you’re looking for, but if not, let our experienced revegetation sector staff know and we’ll be sure to get the specific product in store.

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