Vine Tree Guard Sleeve

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500 per roll – Length: 45cm x Width: 15cm x Thickness 150um: No holes; Perforated. This product is made from recycled plastic is uv stabilised and perfect in protecting developing vines or other agricultural plant crops as they grow onto their wire or support structure.

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Vine Sleeves are a low cost plastic sleeve for vine protection against herbicide drift, wind, frost and vermin. These Vine Sleeves are made from recycled plastic and are UV stabilised for added longevitiy. Vine Tree Guard sleeves come on a perforated roll for easy application for mass plantings. This product provides contractors in agriculture and viticulture industries with an economical way of providing protection for new vines. Easy to install, only requires 1 or 2 bamboo stakes.


Vine Tree Guard Sleeve SKU: TG-VINE2-SH1

• Material: Recycled low density polyethylene; No holes
• Length: 45cm
• Width: 15cm / 45cm No Holes
• Thickness: 150um
• 500 guards per roll; Perforated
• Life Expectancy Up to 3 years

Other sizes available; minimum orders required
Please note: This product is 100% RECYCLABLE through Sure Gro Tree Max Australia’s GREENcycle program, click this link to find out more!

Features & Benefits

• Provides Vines and other plants with a good microclimate to assist in establishment
• Moderate protection against the elements and browsing animals
• Supplied on a perforated roll for ease of use
• Protects from herbicide and other chemical drift
• Assust in protection against “sand blasting effect” associated with sandy soils
• Uv stabilised and reusable


For use in various industries for plants including:
• Table grapes and viticulture
• Almond and nut varieties
• Various agricultural crops

Best Use

• Simply fasten the Vine Guard Sleeve with one or two bamboo stakes (BAM-BN600B-SH1; BAM-BN600C-SH1)
• For additional prevention of weed growth, use this product in conjunction with Jute Planting Mats (WMAT-WDM02-SH1), Recycled Fibre Planting Mats (WMAT-WDM06-SH1) or Recycled Paper Planting Mats (WMAT-WDM01-SH)
• Transported on a perforated roll for economical transportation