TopDress Fertiliser + Wetter Aid (15kg)

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TopDress Fertiliser + Wetter Aid (15kg) N.P.K: 9-1-13 (3 Fe)

TopdressPlus is a combination of slow release fertilisers and a wetting agent, as well as buffering minerals and trace elements to rejuvenate plants, promoting healthy new growth and colour. TopDress Plus can also be used for turf and lawn applications.

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Topdress Plus is a fast and effective combination of fertilisers and wetting agent, developed to rapidly improve the health and vitality of trees, plants and turf. Topdress Plus contains trace elements for general plant health, and is a good source of Iron and Calcium


TopDress Fertiliser + Wetter Aid SKU: FER-TOPDR15-SH

• 15 kg bucket
• Shelf life 12 months

NPK: 9-1-13 (3 Fe)

Features & Benefits

• Powerful, fast acting fertilisers
• For use on trees, shrubs and turf
• Contains SaturAid Wetting Agent
• Trace elements for fast greening and rejuvination powerful


Use as per label instructions.
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Best Use

Please Note: Nutritional products and wetting agents that are incorporated into potting media generally have a shelf life of twelve months or less, any plant stock remaining in the nursery after this time should be topdressed to avoid decline in quality and to continue healthy growth.