Sure Jute Thick Matting – 6 Planting Slits

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Sure Jute Thick Matting – Width: 1.83 metre x Length: 25m roll (770-800 GSM; Covers 45.7 square metres) x 6 planting slits per square metre. This product acts as a mulch, providing weed suppression and moisture retention to enhance plant establishment, while protecting the topsoil from erosion.

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Sure Jute Thick Matting is a robust material used for weed and erosion control, jute matting acts as a layer of mulch providing weed suppression and moisture retention to enhance plant establishment whilst protecting the top layer of soil from erosion. Sure Jute is made from 100% natural jute fibres. This variety of Jute matting contains 6 slits per square metre to allow for plants to grow through the material. When used in conjunction with our installation sheet, this product will last in the field between 8 – 18 months dependent on environmental conditions.


Sure Jute Thick Matting (6 Slit) – SKU: EC-JTM18325S6-SH1

  • Dimensions – width: 1.8m x Length of roll: 25m; covers 45.7 sq.m x weight: 35 kg
  • Material – 100% natural jute fibres
  • Thickness – 770GSM scrim on inside of matting
  • 6 slits per square metre
  • Life expectancy – will degrade over a 8 – 18 month period dependent on environmental conditions

Features & Benefits

  • Halts erosion – exposed soils are protected with biodegradable Sure Jute providing erosion control for up to 18 months
  • Mulches – Sure Jute Thick Matting acts as a roll-on mulch, adding organic matter to the soil as it breaks down. Suppresses most weeds whilst planted vegetation is establishing
  • Retains moisture – Sure Jute greatly reduces moisture loss due to evaporation, and conforms to the contours of the ground
  • 100% natural fibre – Sure Jute is made from 100% jute fibres and contains no plastic meshes and will not entangle wildlife or machinery
  • Other features – reduces heat absorption, helping to protect plants. Flexible and strong when being laid.


A natural mulch mat for weed and erosion control, used by contractors for various works including:

  • Slopes up to 1:1 grades
  • Garden and re-vegetating beds
  • Wetlands and riparian batters
  • Coastal and high-wind sites

Best Use

Please read the installation guide for Sure Jute Matting.

  • Used in conjunction with Cobber Gun Fastening Pins (FPIN-PINCOBBER150-SH1; FPIN-PINCOBBER200-SH1) or Standard Manual Fastening Pins (FP-PIN15-SH1; FP-PIN20-SH1; FP-PIN30)
  • Ensure correct pinning ratio and overlapping of matting. We advise using 3-4 pins per sq.m to fasten the material
  • Lay Sure Jute with 2 or more people
  • SureGro TreeMax recommends using a Cobber Pin Gun and pins to fasten the Jute matting for best practice and OH&S compliance
  • When laying Sure Jute in areas prone to high water flow events, please consider additional synthetic products to further assist in preventing erosion
  • Caution advised where fire is a risk. Please ask our staff for expert field tips and fire retardant options