Steel Fastening Pins – 20cm (300 per box)

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Steel Fastening Pin – Height: 20cm x Bridge: 3cm x Thickness/Gauge: 4mm (Steel; Square bridge; 300 per box) – Fastening Pins are used in various industries for fastening jute, geotextile and weed matting. Fastening pins are also used to secure irrigation piping.

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Steel Fastening Pins – Height: 20cm x Bridge: 3cm x Thickness/Gauge: 4mm (Steel wire; square head; 300 per box) – Fastening pins are used to fasten various types of matting including Weed Matting, Jute Matting, Geotextile Matting and Recycled Fibre Matting. This size of pin is a standard size used by most contractors looking to fasten matting to moderate slope and firm soils. Steel Fastening Pins are also used extensively by irrigators, farmers and agriculturalists that are seeking to fasten irrigation pipes whilst maintaining the pipes structural integrity without rust or ware.


• Dimensions: Height: 20cm X Bridge: 3cm
• Material: Steel
• Thickness/Gauge: 4.00mm
• Quantity per box: 300

Features & Benefits

• Strong and rigid design
• Extra height for more moderate slopes and loose soil
• Sharp pointed edges for easy insertion
• Available in other sizes upon request, minimum order applies


Used for various applications including but not limited to:
• Securing various form of matting including Jute, Coir, Weed and Geotextile Matting.
• Fastening matting to moderate slopes and firm soils
• Fastening irrigation pipes
• Landscaping and civil applications
• Revegetation and land management applications
• Horticultural and agricultural applications

Best Use

• Secure into ground using hammer or rubber mallet
• Ensure pin length is long enough to fasten matting and penetrate into sub-soil