SOLO: 15L Backpack Sprayer (Piston)

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SOLO: 15L Backpack Sprayer (Model 425LC – Piston) Piston backpack sprayer with impressive spray performance. Used for liquid herbicide, insecticide and fungicide application.

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Piston backpack sprayer with impressive spray performance. Plant protection in the farm, acreage, decorative plants, shrubs and plantation contexts. Weed control can be achieved using suitable plant protection agents; including Roundup.


SOLO: 15L Backpack Sprayer (Piston) SKU: SPR-SPRAY9-SH

• Capacity: 15.0L
• Pump Type: Piston
• Max. Spray pressure Bar: 6.0 (90psi)
• Dry Weight: 4.5Kg

Features & Benefits

• Uv resistant plastic
• Low maintenance
• Pressure relief valve
• Large spraying capacity
• Low inherent weight


Ideal for Farms, acreage, weed control, city councils & contract gardeners.
Truseted by landscapers, contractors and handymen for various spraying application including:

• Spraying of liquid based fertilisers
• Herbicide, pesticide and fungicide use
• Sterelisation of equipment

Best Use

Ideal for Farms, acreage, Weed control, City Councils & Contract Gardeners.
Spare parts and accessories are are available upon request.