Sen-Tree Browsing Deterrent 15L

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Sen-Tree browsing deterrent 15L is an innovative product developed to protect new and existing plants against kangaroos, wallabies, rabbits, pademelons and other browsing animals. Browsing animals can cause issues by eating new foliage and preventing a plants growth. This quantity of Sen-Tree browsing deterrent is able to treat thousands of seedlings.

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Sen-Tree browsing deterrent 15L is an innovative product developed to protect new plants against kangaroos, wallabies, rabbit, pademelons and other browsing animals. Duel-active, three part product applied to certain seedlings to assist in the prevention/limitation of damage by animals. It is composed of a proprietary mix of Egg product, Adhesive and Grit.

Developed and trialed in Victoria and Tasmania by Agriculture Victoria for the Australian Market this product assists in the prevention / limitation of browsing on new and existing plantings. Easy to use and effective when used in relation to the Label the dual active deterrent lasts for up to 12 weeks. By this time, by learnt association, the browsing animal learns to source feed from other areas. In the event that there is some predation of the plant, the Second Active ingredient, the Grit component, makes the foliage unpalatable. Browsing behaviour is reduced when animals associate the odour with the unpalatable texture of the grit on the treated foliage.

Research and trial data displayed that all “Sen-Tree Browsing Deterrent” treated seedlings lost less than 10% of foliage in all trials, while other treatments lost approximately 50% foliage after approximately 3 weeks in Trial 1, and between 10-15% in Trial 3.

Please note, this product will not prevent all browsing. Sen-Tree browsing deterrent should be used in conjunction with other damage mitigation techniques and integrated pest control to assist overall reduction of browsing damage.


“Sen-Tree Browsing Deterrent” is currently approved by the APVMA for sale as a product in the form of 20 litre containers containing materials to make 15 litres of product composed of. Sen-Tree Browsing Deterrent is a patented product and is availabale exclusively to Sure Gro Tree Max Australia.
For privacy reasons, the exact make up of this product is unavailable on our website, to find out more, contact us today.

• Part A – Egg Powder
• Part B – Adhesive
Water is added to Part A and B to make 15 litres final volume of product
• Part C- Grit

Features & Benefits

• Effective against wallabies, kangaroos and rabbits
• Protects new or developed plants
• Non toxic to browsing animals
• Developed and trialled in Australia by Agriculture Victoria
• Economical for large scale plantings
• Easy to use and effective


Used across revegetation, farming and land management industries for prevention of browsing animals.
• Used by forestry and various other plantations
• Effective for areas that are prone to browsing animals like wallabies, kangaroos and rabbits

Efficacy trials on “Sen-Tree Browsing Deterrent” were conducted with a variety of plantation species and browsing species under both laboratory and field conditions. These are reported in a series of published papers and reports, which are detailed in the list of references below. The results of these reports indicate that “Sen-Tree Browsing Deterrent” can reduce plantation browsing damage by swamp wallabies, Bennetts wallabies, rabbits and Tasmanian pademelons.

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Best Use

1. Place water in the supplied drum.
2. Stir in Part A (Egg)
3. Add Part B (Adhesive) and stir
4. Pour into spray unit. Use a knapsack sprayer, or similar spray equipment, set-up to deliver a fine spray.
5. Apply a light covering to seedling stems and foliage until foliage is wet, without run-off occurring.
6. Pour Part C into a suitable sprinkler unit (such as a salt shaker or sieve) with 1-1.5 mm diameter openings
7. Sprinkle Part C evenly over the foliage before the solution has dried.

The spray atomiser should be thoroughly flushed with water following use to prevent blocking

Quantities of seedlings treated will differ between species due to variation in leaf shape. Prior users of the product report that up to 9,000 seedlings can be treated with 15 litres of spray and 5 kg of grit.

Sen-Tree browsing deterrent should ideally be applied as a single application 1-7 days prior to or after planting. Where possible, applying to all plants placed together will ensure the product will cover as many plants as possible. Apply the Mix to the Foliage until before run-off. Wait for this to become semi-dried and then apply the Grit using our Specialised shaker. Look for 40-50% foliage cover with the Grit Compatibility

*Please note: Browsing of  animals will vary depending on certain plant species. Adverse weather conditions may impact the effectiveness of this deterrent.