Recycled Paper Planting Mat Square: 29cm (100 per pack)

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Made from 100% recycled paper this product provides individual weed control and moisture retention for developing saplings, tube stock and plants. (100 per pack)

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Recycled Paper Planting Mat squares are made from Recycled Paper and act as a weed suppressant whilst retaining moisture for the developing plant. The product will biodegrade and add a layer of mulch to the surrounding environment over a 6-12 month period depending on environmental condition. Recycled paper mats not only suppress weeds around the seedlings, it retains moisture and encourages microbial activity whilst reducing your watering requirements.

Used across various industries, Recycled Paper Planting Mat squares are pre-slit for your plant and surrounding tree guard. The design of this product also comes with Pressed “channels” which direct water to the base of the plant for secretion into soil and the plants root ball. This product comes in bundles of 100 mats per pack and acts as an individual weed control mat, assisting newly planted seedlings to become established.

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Paper Mat Planting Square: 29cm SKU: WMAT-WDM01-SH

Material: 100% recycled paper
Dimensions Per Mat: 29 x 29 cm Squares
Units Per Pack: 100
Design: Come with planting slit and 3 slits for hardwood and/or bamboo stakes
Life Expectancy: Will degrade over a 6 – 12 months period dependent on environmental conditions.

Features & Benefits

• Made from 100% recycled paper
• Biodegrades into surrounding soil
• Pressed “Channels” direct water to the Root ball
• Holds moisture around the base of the plant
• Prevents excess weed growth around plants
• Comes pre slit for planting hole and stakes
• Economical way to maintain plant health


• Revegetation projects
• Parks and gardens
• Council tree planting
• Landcare group and network planting
• Inaccessible sites
• Site that require minimal maintenance and weeding
• Used around wetlands
• Used around environmentally sensitve sites
• River and stream bank planting and restoration
• Ideal for use in conjunction with tree guards

Best Use

Easy to use, simply guide plant through centre hole and secure mat to ground with stakes or pegs.

To be used in conjuntion with Tree Guards, Fastening Pins and Hardwood and/or Bamboo Stakes