Perlite Premium Grade: Medium (100L)

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Perlite Premium Grade: Medium (100 Litres) Perlite is added to growing mediums for commercial and residential soils, to grow many types of plants, cuttings and seedlings.

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Perlite Premium is a heat expanded, man made product for use as a hydroponic growing medium. Perlite works fantastic as a growing medium for commercial and residential soils, to grow many types of plants, cuttings, seedlings. It can also be used hydroponically. Perlite will enhance plant, crop and garden growth significantly with an increased yield when compared to many other growing mediums. It’s sterile, pH Neutral and will not rot or break down unlike other growing medias, making it much safer for the user as well as for your valuable plants. Your plant or shrub’s root systems juvenile as well as established plants will be able to have a much more even spread and healthier root system, which then leads to much more full and healthier plants.


Perlite Premium Grade: Medium (100L) SKU: SA-PERLM100-SH

Material: Mineral based silica, potash, alumina and other
Granule sizes: >2mm = 80% ; >1mm =20%
Quantity per pack: 100L

* Available in other granule sizes

Features & Benefits

Perlite provides growing mediums with many benefits, including:
• Reduced watering requirements (resulting in a decreased watering bill cost)
• Increased plant yield (more tomatoes per plant, more product to sell per harvest)
• Increased plant/fruit quality (much better sales value due to increased product quality)
• Low dust Perlite, High quality, light weight


Perlite has seen much success with growers in greenhouses around Australia for various types of Plants (shrubs, grasses, flowers, herbs, vegetables). Perlite ensures that your plants have the moisture and nutrients at their root tips when required, as well as providing your plant with the aeration and drainage that they do require. Due to these various properties, commercial growing is aided from the propagation of the very first seed to the harvesting of your established crop.

Premium Perlite is used for hydroponics of many plants including tomatoes, strawberries, roses, wheatgrass, cucumbers, lettuce and many others.

Best Use

Ideal for use in a variety of growing containers, Hydroponics and Horticulture uses.
Ensure you have chosen the correct granule size based on your plant size and requirments
Available in other sizes upon request