Nutricote BLUE Fertiliser – 140 day release (25kg bag)

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Nutricote BLUE Fertiliser – 140 day release (25kg): NPK- 16+4.4+8.3- CORROSIVE CLASS 9
Yates Nutricote Standard Blue is a blend of Nutricote types with differing release periods allowing nutrients to be available over 140 days or a 4–5 month period at 25ºC degrees. Nutrient release matches plant needs over longer term. Balanced NPK suitable for semi advanced to super advanced plants

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Yates Nutricote range is made up of high quality controlled release fertilisers with varying NPKs and release periods. Each polymer coated prill is identically homogeneous to ensure consistent and reliable nutrition is delivered. When Yates Nutricote is applied the prills begin to absorb moisture through the coating membrane. This moisture then dissolves the nutrients inside each prill which in turn, builds up the osmotic pressure. The nutrients can then diffuse through the coating. The amount of release agent contained in the coating determines how porous the coating is, which determines how fast the nutrients will diffuse to the root zone of the plant.


Nutricote BLUE Fertiliser SKU: FER-NCBLU14025-SHDG

• Material: Coated Fertiliser Granules
• 140 day or 4-5 month release
• NPK Levels: 16-4.4-8.3
• 25 kg bag


Features & Benefits

• Balanced NPK ratio for foliage plants.
• Low water soluble phosphorous suitable for natives.
• Ideal for top dressing semi advanced plants.
• Superior control of nutrient release over 4–5 months @ 25ºC.
• Eliminates the need for labour intensive late season reapplications of fertiliser.
• Reduced leaching so optimum fertiliser levels are maintained.
• A higher degree of plant safety when compared to similar products.
• A durable, resilient and uniform resin coating on each granule.
• Every granule is homogenous to ensure consistent analysis.
• Consistent granule size for easier and more precise mechanical application.
• Consistent rate of nutrient release providing steady feeding according to specific plants nutritional needs.
• All Yates Nutricote contains the Highest Quality NPK components.


Use as per label instructions.
• Used by production nurseries
• Large pots and containers
• Used by potting mix manufacturers
• Ideal for medium term fertiliser release

Best Use

• Top dressing
Evenly apply to the base of the plant keeping fertiliser away from the main trunk or stem. Water in well after application with a rose type spray to minimise water blast of granules from pot.

• Incorporation
Mix well into the soil profile ensuring even application. General Release period is governed by soil temperature as shown above. The days shown are when 80% of the Nitrogen is released. Yates Nutricote should provide the entire requirements of Nitrogen, Potash and maintenance levels of Phosphorus for the release period. Use high rates for fast draining soils or mixtures of low fertility and for species that are fast growing and watered frequently.

Use medium rates when:
• Used on sensitive crops, ferns, African Violets, Orchids etc
• When soil temperatures are very high
• When liquid feeding is used two to three times per week