Jute Tree Tie Webbing

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Jute Webbing Tree Tie – 5cm x 30m – This product is made from natural jute fibres (100% Biodegradable). Jute Tree Tie Webbing connects developing and established trees to hardwood stakes and can be used for various other applications.

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Jute Tree Tie Webbing is used with stakes to stabilise and fasten advanced plants or street trees. This prevents movement of newly planted trees. Tree tie webbing is a strong woven material that is bio-degradable and has a life span from 1-2 years depending on environmental conditions on site.

Also sold in Bulk Bales of 48 rolls


Jute Tree Tie Webbing SKU: PTIE-TRE01

Material: 100% Jute Fibres Biodegradable
Roll Length: 30m
Width: 5cm
Rolls per bale: 48

Features & Benefits

Very effective for gently fastening and stabilising advanced trees to ensure good root and trunk growth.
• Tight woven jute material
• Economical for large scale street tree plantings
• Ideal for trees in areas that require minimal maintenance
• Biodegradable with a lifespan of around 1-2 years dependant on weather conditions


Ideal for various landscaping, revegetation and civil tree staking projects, used by:

• Street tree planting
• Local council tree planting
• New housing or commercial developments
• Highway street tree planting
• Trusted by landscape and civil contractors

Best Use

Primarily used in conjuntion with Harwdood stakes for Advanced Trees:
• Allow roughly 1m of tree tie webbing per stake, per tree
• Jute tree tie webbing is fasted to a hardwood stake using a staple gun and tying the webbing to fasten the plant and assist its growth
• Tree tie can be usd for variious diffrent agricultural, horticultarl and landcarping applications

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