Jute Mesh Soil Saver

Jute Mesh Soil Saver

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Jute Mesh Soil Saver – Width: 1.22m x Length: 548m – Covers 670 square metres – Sure Jute Mesh Soil Saver is an natural, flexible, loose woven jute ‘cargo-net’ mesh used for erosion control and seed establishment.

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Jute Mesh Soil Saver is an natural, flexible, loose woven jute ‘cargo-net’ mesh used for erosion control and seed establishment. Jute Mesh Soil Saver is an inexpensive and flexible product that is easily separated to be used around existing vegetation. This natural fibre assists in capturing wind blown soil and native seeds. This product as a layer of natural mesh that holds soil in place and promotes vegetation establishment.


• Dimensions – Width: 1.22 m x Length: 548 m (670m2) x Weight: 300 kg
• Material – 100% Natural Jute Fibres; woven open mesh
• Thickness – 500GSM • Packed in smaller cells to that are compacted into a single bale
• Life expectancy – Approximately 12 months depended on weather conditions.
• Pinning rate 2–3 pins per square metre.

Features & Benefits

• Natural Rehabilitation – Ideal for areas where ‘natural revegetation’ is being encouraged, such as sand dunes. It can be used in conjunction with local brush and twigs to help in the capture of soil and seed, preventing soil erosion.

• Retains Moisture – Retains moisture in the micro-environment for the plants, increases water infiltration for faster long-term stabilisation, and helps increase germination rates for direct-seeded areas.

• Cost Effective – Economical erosion treatment, applicable to large-scale land areas.

• 100% Natural Jute Fibres – Adds organic matter to the soil as it degrades.


Sure Jute Mesh Soil Saver can be used for the following applications:
• Grass and vegetation establishment

• Swail drains
• Sand dunes
• Coastal sites
• Mulch retention
• Natural regeneration sites
• Wind erosion
• Mine sites
• Steep batters
• Rough sites
• Not suitable on highly erodible or high water flow sites

Best Use

Please see attached installation guide for installation of Sure Jute Mesh Soil Saver

• Sure Jute Mesh Soil Saver can also be used over the top of mulch or existing vegetation.
• Comes packaged in a Bale. Once the Bale is opened, the material is divided into “Biscuits”, these are manageable 100 LM lengths.
• Unload this product with a forklift and lay it with 2 or more people.
• Sure Gro Tree Max recommends using a Cobber Pin Gun and pins to fasten the Jute matting for best practise and OH&S compliance. • Used in conjunction with Cobber Gun Fastening Pins (FPIN-PINCOBBER150-SH1; FPIN-PINCOBBER200-SH1) or Standard Manual Fastening Pins (FP-PIN15-SH1; FP-PIN20-SH1; FP-PIN30)