FELCO No.630 – Curved Saw

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The highly efficient sawdust removal, which prevents that frustrating binding as you cut – to the sheer speed of the impluse treated long curved blade; you’ll always be looking forward to pruning

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This curved pull-stroke saw is dedicated to giving you the easiest cutting experience for large diameter cuts of up to 12cm/4.7 inches. From the highly efficient sawdust removal – which prevents that frustrating binding as you cut – to the sheer speed of the impluse treated long blade; you’ll always be looking forward to pruning. The soft-touch curved handle has a stability that delivers vibration-free comfort to every stroke. The supplied sheath has an innovative locking system that ensures the saw cannot fall out, while the included velcro strap keeps the saws firmly against the leg. The FELCO 630 was designed to take on large branches with ease, even overhead; it will make you wonder how you could have ever prunned without this saw by your side.


• Curved pull-stroke saw
• A universal tool designed for right and left-handed users
• Chrome-plated blade constructed of hardened steel
• Screw-mounted and replaceable blade
• Impulse heat-treated tooth points, 7 TPI (tooth per inch / 2.5cm
• Concave blade shape that saws without clogging
• Light handle constructed of two materials that offers strength, comfort and safety
• Replaceable blade
• Sheath with innovative saw lock, detachable belt loop, and leg strap
• Spare parts available*
• Phthalate-free, soft touch, non-slip handles**
• Integrated handle hole for carry strap or clip
• Designed in Switzerland, made in Korea

Features & Benefits

• The exceptional longer blade design of the FELCO 630 pruning saw delivers highly efficient cutting speed so you can rely on a productive pruning session
• The concave blade shape and teeth setting avoids clogging to ensure that sawdust is no obstacle to a satisfying cut
• A pull-stroke saw that eliminates any sticking entry into the wood for smooth cutting action
• A stop at the end of the saw is designed to keep it engaged at the end of every stroke ensuring that you can work faster and with confidence
• An extremely rugged and durable pull-stroke saw which can be put safely away in a sheath attached to your leg – thanks to an innovative locking system and supplied leg strap – ensuing secure carrying, fast access and maximum convenience for both left and right-handers
• Rely on FELCO proprietary heat treating and hardening know-how to provide you with a long lasting and high-performance cutting edge
• The ultra-sharp curved blade cuts easily through larger pieces of wood which enables you to take on challenging tasks
• The quick and easy blade change is safe, secure and ensures that you can always get on with the jobEnjoy comfortable and safe pruning and cutting with the soft touch, non-slip phthalate-free handle*
• The lightweight, ergonomic handle suitable for left and right handers also incorporates a hole for a strap or clip if required
• If you value sustainability as much as we do, you’ll want to keep your FELCO tool in premium condition and minimise waste by using a tool where parts – from the blade and to the smallest screw, are replaceable
• Red handle colour underlines the Swiss heritage while acting as a convenient beacon, so you can always find your FELCO tool in any environment


• General gardening maintenance
• Pruning of various different plants
• Used and trusted by nurseries and horticulturalists
• Used and trusted by arborists and landscapers
• Used and trusted by nurseries and horticulturalists

Best Use

The FELCO 630 pull-stroke saw is the choice for taking on heavy duty cutting and pruning. The curved design of the innovative blade cuts through even large branches up to 12cm/4.7 inches with ease, even when cutting overhead. The high performance tooth setting combined with the curved blade optimizes the entire blade length, quickly removes sawdust with exceptional efficiency to produce remarkably clean, smooth cutting results. With the FELCO 630’s speed of operation there’s every chance that you might run out of pruning before you are ready to stop.