Micro Beast Tree Guard – H: 45cm X D: 20cm

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Micro Beast Tree Guard comes equipped with flaps for pinning and extra thickness for longevity and rigidity. These guards are ideal for areas of high wind inundation and adverse weather and browsing animals. RECYCLABLE

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Micro Beast Tree Guard is made from rigid plastic, specifically designed to protect and encourage growth in new plants, whilst sheltering from wind damage and browsing animals. The outcome of years of development, the Micro Beast Tree Guard features Wind training holes and “Feet” at the base of the guard designed to further fasten by pinning or using earth or Mulch.

Please note: This product is 100% RECYCLABLE through Sure Gro Tree Max Australia’s GREENcycle program, Click this link to find out more!


Corflute Micro Beast Tree Guards
• Dimensions: Height: 45cm x Width: 20cm x Thickness: 350 GSM (Ventilation holes)
• Material: Uv Stabilised High Density Polypropylene
• Life Expectancy: 2-3 Years dependant on weather conditions
• Units per pack: 50

Please note: This product is 100% RECYCLABLE through Sure Gro Tree Max Australia’s GREENcycle program, click this link to find out more!

Features & Benefits

• Strong rigid design
• Flap/Feet for pinning and fastening
• Added thickness for rigidity, longevity and reuse
• Easily installed with one hardwood stake (HW-7501825-SH1; HW-7501138-SH1)
• Long term protection from spray drift and browsing animals
• Includes a welded seam allowing the product to easily spring into shape, reducing installation time.
• Delivered flat packed
• Reusable dependany on weather conditions



Corlfute Tree Guards are used extensively on revegetation, roadside amenity plantings and in horticultural tree crop plantings.
Often used for the following applications:

• Road sides
• Windy sites
• Revegetation contracts
• High profile sites
• Agricultural plantations
• Perfect for young vines and crop trees.
• Horticultural crops
• Housing developments
• Landcare groups and networks planting
• Community based tree planting organisations

Best Use

• Easily installed with one hardwood stake
• Ideally used with 2 pins per guard to fasten the product
• Simple to use, just ‘pop’ open, insert one support stake and it is ready to place around a young tree
• Transported flat packed for economical transportation and storage
• For additional prevention of weed growth, use this product in conjunction with Jute Planting Mats (WMAT-WDM02-SH1), Recycled Fibre Planting Mats (WMAT-WDM06-SH1) or Recycled Paper Planting Mats (WMAT-WDM01-SH)