Banrot 400 (900gm)

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Banrot 400 (900gm) Fungicide (WP)

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Banrot 400WP- wettable powder delivers dependable, long lasting control of damping-off and root and stem rot-soil pathogens on a variety of bedding, foliage and container plants.


Ingredients Name CAS Proportion Ingredients
Thiophanate-methyl 23564-05-8 25 %
Etridiazole 2593-15-9 15 %
Ingredients determined not to be hazardous: 60 %

Features & Benefits

Banrot is fungicidal, not fungi-static, it kills rather than suppresses target pathogens, Broad spectrum eliminates the need for separate fungicides.


Application Method: Rate
Incorporating 60gm/m3
Drench 4-8g/m2 in up to 10L water

Best Use

The broad spectrum of Banrot eliminates the labour and expense of tank mixing.