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Bamboo Stakes for Plants & Tree Guards

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SureGro TreeMax stocks a wide variety of Quality Bamboo Stakes that range in different heights and thickness. Our stakes are quality checked and used for various applications, including Tree Guard construction, Advanced Plant staking and are used throughout Horticultural, Landscaping, revegetation and agricultural industries.

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Sure Gro Tree Max’s Natural Bamboo Stakes are used to stake plants, assemble tree guards and can be used for different horticulure, viticulture and agriculture purposes. Our stakes range from 45cm – 3000cm in height and 6mm to 28mm in thickness to ensure you have the right stake for any job! Bamboo cane is a trusted option by growers of all plants to support developing plants and trees and improve growth.

Whether its staking an ornamental plant in a production nursery setting, or staking a plant in a residential or commercial development, chances are we have the right stake for you! Our Bamboo Stakes have a high cane to pith ratio which provides the stake with extra structural. Every container Sure Gro Tree Max imports is quality checked and fumigated according to AQIUS requirments to ensure the bamboos durability and effectiveness in the field.

Additionally, Sure Gro Tree Max makes regular trips to our bamboo farms in China to ensure the stakes are being produced to our exact specifications and requirements. Nonetheless, as bamboo canes are a natural product, specifications and colour might vary between batches. If you require a change in thickness, height or quantities email or call us to organise a product exchange. All transport costs are payable by the client.

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Quality Bamboo Stakes

• Heights: 45cm to 2.4m

• Thicknesses 6mm – 22mm

• Fumigated

• Straight Stake

• Smooth Edges

• Sold per bale

• Samples available upon request

Features & Benefits

Range of Heights & Thicknesses

• Strong & Durable

• Good pith to cane ratio

• Selected from high grade bamboo

• Non Abrasive & Smooth

• Quality Checked

• Fumigated

• Economical for large scale staking

• Tightly packaged and wrapped



Used for various applications including but not limited to:

• Tree Guard staking

• Production Horticulture

• Amenity Horticulture

• Landscaping

• Home gardening

• Hobby farming

• Organic farms

Best Use

For all Bamboo Stakes being used with Tree Guards allow 30cm extra height to ensure your stakes penetrate the soil to fasten your tree guard effectively. Speak to our team today to find out the best bamboo stake to suit your project. • Use bamboo stakes with Tree Guards or as free standing stakes to support developing trees.

Speak to our team today to find out the best bamboo stake to suit your project

• Generally choose a height and thickness that can cope with the plants continued development

• This is dependent on the type of plant variety you have chosen

• Bamboo stakes are best used with Plant Ties such as Ezi Tie Medium (PTIE-ETM-SH)

• Anchor Band Medium (PTIE-AB70-SH1) Click here to view our Plant Tie Range