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Planting Tools

Planting Tools provide clients with easy to use tools for planting large quantities of tubestock. Used mainly by contract planters and revegetation planters, these products are all made from strong durable materials and can be reused for many years!

Showing all 4 results

Showing all 4 results

The Hamilton tree planter extracts a core of soil from the ground of the same shape as the forestry tube and is easy to use. Stainless steel hand tool for planting seedlings propagated from tubes or cells. Ergonomic design. Can be used in most soil types. Suits forestry and hiko tubes. Pottiputki Planters are used for massed plantings where soil has been ripped and prepared.


Hamilton Tree Planter: 

The Hamilton Tree Planter is a quality Australian Made product designed to suit both round hiko and square forestry tubestock. Hamilton Tree Planters allow clients to make a perfect shaped planting hole, minimising air gaps and giving your plant the best start possible!

Pottiputki Tube Stock Planter:

The world leading Pottiputki planter designed for ergonomic and efficient planting of forestry seedlings. The original planting tube has been used and improved for over 25 years. We also stock a range of other pottiputki parts & accessories designed for use with the planter. Contact us to find out more.