Nursery Industry Snapshot

Nursery Industry Snapshot

Bamboo - Nursery Industry

The vibrant Victorian nursery industry employs over 11,000 people and is worth more than 1.6 billion dollars to the Victorian economy. The nursery industry spans from large scale production nurseries to small family based businesses. At Sure Gro Tree Max our Nursery division has a long history plays in supplying a large diverse range of products which are always evolving to suit our client’s needs. We take pride in ensuring our products are quality checked and our service is what our Nursery clients expect.

We are proud Bronze sponsors of the Nursery and Garden industry of Victoria and love working with some of the best production nurseries in Australia and the world.

We more than likely have the brand you’re looking for, but if not, let our experienced nursery sector staff know and we’ll be sure to get the specific product in store.

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