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Hardwood Stakes

SureGro TreeMax stock a wide variety of Reclaimed Australian Hardwood Stakes for various applications including revegetation, civil, landscaping, nursery and agriculture.  We deliver these Australia wide through our various timber suppliers located all across our nation!

** We are currently experiencing high demand for these products. To Ensure we have the right height and thickness in stock please call 1800 550 000 or info@suregrotreemax.com.au

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Showing all 3 results

Hardwood stakes are widely used by growers, farmers, councils, street tree planters, revegetation contractors, landscapers and many others for various staking applications. Whether its using a stake to fasten a tree guard, or stabilise an advanced plant we have the stake for you!


SureGro TreeMax stocks a wide variety of reclaimed hardwood stakes for advanced tree staking. These are produced from Australian timber and are sourced from a variety of plantations, timber mills and different states. Our range of hardwood stakes are used across various industries and applications. These include street tree council planting, commercial and residential developments, revegetation and regeneration projects, nurseries and amenity horticulture and agricultural farm plantations. All of our large size Hardwood Stakes for Advanced Trees (38mm in diameter and above) come 4 pointed for easy insertion into soil.

These products are used in a variety of settings including, parks, gardens, street trees, commercial developments, public infrastructure, highway plantings and many other applications. Trusted by landscapers, contractors and councils, the stakes when used with tree ties, assist a plant in to promote a healthy growth cycle and prevent damage from surrounding weather.

Our hardwood stakes are sourced from a grade of timber that is deemed to be not sufficient for civil or construction purposes. This grade of timber is perfectly suited for environmental tree planting projects.

Please note if we don’t have the stake for you, we can always get it made! Let us know what height and thickness you want and we’ll send you a quote.

Minimum quantities are required for this service.