GreenCycle Program

GreenCycle Program

SureGro TreeMax Australia with assistance from our local recycling partners offers recycling of our Tree Guards. To find out more, please read below:



Talk to us about your specific Revegetation requirements. Our Specialist team will advise on how to choose the most appropriate option for you. We have Australia’s largest range of tree guards including biodegradable guard options and those that can be re-used.


The Critical part. Ensure your Tree Guard is fastened and let the ‘reveg’ begin! Use one of our various Tree Guard options to establish your new plants.


Once you have removed your re-usable guard you can get on with your next Project.

We strongly encourage clients to reuse their tree guards or collect them once they have finished their growth stage.


When your guards have reached the end of their cycle, collect them from your site. All Tree guards must be free of any contaminants including staples and excess dirt before being dropped off at our warehouse in Braeside Vic.

We will work with our local recycling partners to ensure the material recycled and diverted from landfill and used again.

Contact us today to organise your GreenCycle return:

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