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Liquid Fertilisers & Soil Conditioners

SureGro TreeMax stock a range of commercial strength Seasol Organic Seaweed soil conditioners. These are easily applied to plants through sprayers, irrigation and boom sprinkler set ups. We supply these products in a range of different sizes and quantities to suit your projects requirements.

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Showing all 6 results

The Seasol range of liquid fertilisers & soil conditioners provide tree planters and growers with added nutrients to improve overall soil and plant health.


Seasol Commercial Grade soil conditioner is a registered organic product that is made from 100% liquid seaweed plant conditioner that provides a synergistic range of natural compounds, trace elements, alginates and carbohydrates from a blend of brown kelps.

A 100% liquid seaweed plant conditioner Seasol provides a synergistic range of natural compounds, trace elements, alginates and carbohydrates from a blend of brown kelps. Seaweed is not harvested from living stands, but sustainably sourced from storm-cast material collected from remote locations that are free from pollution. Seasol is a plant stimulant used to boost plant metabolism. It is 100% soluble and can be applied either to the soil or the foliage. It is designed to provide benefits that complement your existing fertiliser program.

Seasol plus PowerFeed is a blend of these two highly effective products, developed for boosting both plant growth and soil biology. It is a unique blend of Seasol with added Fish and Humate. It is a bio-positive material providing a balance of animal and plant derived compounds; this makes it an easy all-in-one product that benefits both the plant and the soil.

It is used when plant stimulation, soil conditioning and a little extra nitrogen is required and achieves the best results when used as part of a nutritional program. The product works by stimulating soil microbial activity, enhancing plant nutrient uptake and improving soil structure.

Seasol plus Iron is a superior combination of Australia’s finest seaweed concentrate and chelated iron. It has all the benefits of Seasol, with a maintenance dose of iron to help in preventing or overcoming chlorosis. Seasol plus Iron applied regularly improves growth and maintains a plants iron requirements to maximise its productive potential. Premium Organic Fertiliser is 100% fish extract that provides a range of macro and micro nutrients, amino acids, proteins and vitamins. It also helps support the activity of beneficial bacteria and fungi in healthy soils.

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