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Fertiliser Planting Tablets

We stock a variety Fertiliser Planting tablets to suit both native and exotic plants. Plant tablets contain slow release fertilisers & deliver nutrients & organic carbon to plants as per the plants nutrient demand & feed all types of trees, shrubs & ground cover plants for up to one year.

These products provide plants and trees with a measured dose of fertiliser that allows contractors to minimise maintenance and fertigation time and costs.

Our quality and trusted brands include: Typhoon & Osmocote

Showing all 4 results

Showing all 4 results

Typhoon Planting Tablets come in both native and exotic varieties and provide many features and benefits to clients, including, Measured dose every time, this minimizes labour time for measuring fertiliser for each plant. Safe dosage, the amount of fertiliser per tablet has been carefully considered to ensure the plant does not burn or have any adverse effects from the fertiliser. This product is ideal for landscapers, contractors and clients that plant and maintain street trees for local councils.


Fertiliser planting tablets feed the plant for up to 12 months. Root zone placement means no feeding surface, rooted weeds & incorporates essential trace elements to compensate for local soil deficiencies.

Our Fertiliser Tablets are safe, easy to use and remove the need for measuring fertiliser for each tree or plant. Proudly made in Australia our Typhoon Fertiliser Planting Tablets have been scientifically designed, trialed and tested to provide complete plant nutrition which greatly assists a plants growth in its development phase. The nutrients and benefits in our Planting Tablets allow for the healthy development of roots and strong top growth of plants.

Osmocote Exact Tablets provide an easy way for growers to administer extremely accurate doses of nutrients. The tablet’s cone shape makes it very easy to push into the growing medium. They are made of an environmentally friendly adhesive that is water soluble. The tablets disintegrate after the plants are watered and at that point they lock into the growing medium.

Osmocote Exact Tablets offer you the chance to give very accurate doses of nutrients in a simple fashion. Due to its cone-like shape, the tablet can be pushed down easily into growing medium. The tablets are available in 5 gram (1500 tablets per carton).