Delivery Information

Delivery Information

To ensure timely delivery of your goods across Australia; we work hard to ensure we have the appropriate information required. Please see the below key criteria of our Delivery Information for our online store.

When shipping your goods, there are a number of things to consider:

  • Destination & site contact
  • Delivery time frame
  • Size and quantity of goods
  • Ability to unload on site

Destination & Site Contact

Full delivery address, including postcode & contact details of warehouse or site manager. Please send us maps if required.

If agreed to and organised with the client, freight and courier companies are able to leave the goods at the destination without anyone present or onsite. Authority to leave goods onsite is strictly for orders where total weight is strictly 400kg or below.

Delivery Time Frame

Shipping time frames and dates are agreed to mutually at the order and quotation stage. Changes to orders will delay shipping.

Contact us if you require more information about your delivery time frame on 1800 550 000 or email

Melbourne Metro Delivery Same Day

Please place your order by 10:00am

V.I.P Transport is available + 15% extra freight charge

NSW & SA       2-4 business days

QLD, WA, NT    3-7 business days

Please contact us to be directed to our Tasmanian Distributors. Note that this policy applies for available stock items from our online store.  For commercial quantities contact us for more information about our Company Delivery Policy. 

Pallet Size & Quantity of Goods

We ship goods from envelopes to B-Double trucks. You will be informed of the size of goods being shipped at quotation stage.

To find out more about your order’s packing and freight;

Email  with your quote or order number.

Ability to Unload at your Destination

Please note the type and costs of different unloading options for available for clients:

  • Forklift Unload to ensure your goods are unloaded in a timely manner. Forklifts or tractors with tynes must be onsite once goods arrive at the destination
  • Tail Gate Unload + 5% Requires a flat surface for truck to unload goods with a hydraulic lift. Surface must be concreted or flat. Tailgate does not apply to gravel, stones or grass surfaces.
  • Hand Unload + 10% Please ensure you have people on site to assist the driver in unloading your goods.
  • For other forms of unloading such as Crane Trucks, contact us to find out more!

Upon order confirmation, arrangements for unloading must have been mutually agreed between Sure Gro Tree Max Australia and the client. Please consider all of the points above to ensure that this can occur smoothly.

Work with us

We have many options to assist in the shipping process. Please speak with your account manager or contact our office to find out how we can make things work throughout the quotation process.

1800 550 000   |

Sure Gro Tree Max holds stock for customers for up to one month in our facility. In order to store your upcoming order at our warehouse, we require a Purchase Order or written confirmation.