Case Study: Wetland Establishment

Case Study: True North Estate Wetlands

Client: UDL Group

Date: March 2020

Location: Roxburgh Park, VIC

Products: Jute Matting, Bird Netting & Arches

The True North estate is located in the up and coming Northern corridor of Melbourne. Located only 25 kilometres from the CBD next to the suburb of Roxburgh Park, where residents enjoy views of the city as well as the nearby Greenvale Reservoir.  With 1300 house allotments along with a $10 million sporting complex the development has large amounts of run – off and storm water to be treated. With this in mind it was imperative that the development was designed with a series of wetlands to assist in the removal of pollutants carried such as fine sediment.

Once the wetlands had been excavated and shaped, Suregro Treemax Jute thick matting was installed and pinned so as to ensure the wetlands didn’t erode prior to planting and provided initial weed suppression. The 770gsm Jute matting, supplied which included 4 planting slits per m2 this made plant spacing uniform and ensured the correct amount of plants were utilised. As the aquatic planting was complete in stages, bird netting with supporting arches over the wetland planting was installed to protect the plants from damage which can be caused by water fowl. The installation of Jute matting and the bird netting as well as other associated works was carried out by the UDL group during 2018 to 2020

“We used a large quantity of Jute mat at the True North Wetlands. The result was highly successful with plants growing well and good weed suppression.

SureGro were easy to work with maintaining and supplying product as required for what was a staggered project. Thank you kindly”.



Robust weed and erosion control matting used as an alternative to mulch providing weed suppression and moisture retention to enhance plant establishment while protecting the topsoil from erosion. 100% biodegradable with a life expectancy of up to 18 months.

Bird Netting

Protection for newly planted areas from bird damage. High quality UV stabilised polypropylene fibres which is light and easy to install. Used in conjunction with Wire Arches.

Wetland Establishment
Wetland Establishment