Case Study: Germantown Tree Guards

Max Beast Guards Case Study

Client: Friends of Germantown Stream Side Reserve

Date: May 2019

Location: Germantown, VIC

Products: Maxi Beast Guards, Stakes & Mats


The rural township of Germantown is located at foot of the Southern highlands, 80km from Wangaratta in Victoria, and an area prevalent with herds of Sambar Deer.

Samber Deer were introduced into Australia in the late 1800’s and are now considered a pest. An Adult Deer weighing 300kg can cause almost irreparable damage to new and existing vegetation.

Mid 2019 the local friends group (Friends of Germantown Streamside Reserve) began their next revegetation mission. From their past experiences of unsuccessful planting predominately due to the deer damage, the group realised that they needed a tree guard that was robust enough to withstand both the trampling and the consumption of the vegetation.

After years of development and trialling, Sure Gro Tree Max developed the Beast Guard. The height of this guard at 120cm and expanded width will increase the chances of success by allowing the plant a longer establishment before being exposed to Browsing.

The guard’s sturdy structure and added benefits such as feet which prevents the guard from being lifted has proven to be successful with other planting projects throughout Australia.

“Every advantage we can take when planting in areas prone to the Deer we will take” Paul Hellier – Friends of Germantown Streamside Reserve

Germantown Tree Guards
Maxi Beast Case Study