Moondarra Reservoir – Coir Mesh

Client: Indigenous Design

Date: March 2020

Location: Erica, Vic

Products: Coir Matting, Fastening Pins.

Moondarra Reservoir is 155km east of Melbourne nested within the foothills of the Baw Baw Plateau near Erica. One of three major water sources servicing the Gippsland community, Moondarra Reservoir holds 29,853 megalitres at full capacity.

Built in 1963, the structure has been servicing the region for over 55 years.

During routine checks, engineers recently discovered some slippage on a small area of the Dam wall. This section also sits above a high value asset.

The highly sloped site (at 35 degrees) means that the area would continue to be susceptible to further slippage without intervention. This presented an unacceptable risk to both the human and infrastructure assets.

Environmental management contractor, Indigenous Design engaged SureGro TreeMax Australia to assist in selecting a material and works program capable of delivering further stability and vegetation establishment.

Access and safety being the number one priority, highly trained staff where required to work with ropes to install Coir Mesh matting and to install plants where possible. Suregro Treemax Coir matting was installed and pinned using 45cm pins on the outer edge of the site, at two per lineal metre to produce an enclosed “boundary”. This was designed to help the Coir Matting hold any moving soils or rock particles. Furthermore, 30cm fastening pins were installed at four per metre squared within the boundary to ensure the slope didn’t develop further slippage.

700gsm Coir matting was selected due to its’ open nature. Local plants and grasses where also installed, assisting to capture any windblown or water transported soil. Coupling this with its high tensile strength and longevity it was an easy choice.

Coir Matting

Robust weed and erosion control matting used as an alternative to costly and dangerous rock work or synthetic materials. This provided some weed suppression and moisture retention to enhance plant establishment while protecting the topsoil from erosion. 100% biodegradable with a life expectancy of up to 5 years.