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Bamboo Stakes

Bamboo stakes are used for a variety of different plants and applications. Sure Gro Tree Max stocks a wide range of heights and thicknesses to suit your plant.

Whether being used with one of our tree guards, for pots or advanced plants we have the bamboo stake for you!

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Sure Gro Tree Max’s Natural bamboo Stakes are used to stake plants, assemble tree guards and can be used for different revegetation, horticulure, viticulture and agriculture purposes.


Our stakes range from 45cm – 3000cm in height and 6mm to 28mm in thickness to ensure you have the right stake for any job! Our Bamboo Stakes have a high cane to pith ratio which provides the stake with extra structural integrity. Many Bamboo stakes on the australian market place lack strength and rigidity due to being cultivated from a lower grade plant overseas. Sure Gro Tree Max works closely with our manufacturing partners overseas to ensure our bamboo is quality checked off shore and once it land in Australia.

Features and Benefits:

• Range of Heights & Thicknesses

• Strong & Durable

• Non Abrasive & Smooth

• Quality Checked

• Fumigated

• Green & Red Colours available (minimum orders required)

Used for various applications including but not limited to:

• Production Horticulture

• Amenity Horticulture

• Landscaping

• Revegetation and Natural Resource Management

• Tree Guards

• Home gardeners

• Agriculture/ Farms

• Viticulture

• Hobbie farmers

Every container Sure Gro Tree Max imports is quality checked and fumigated according to AQIUS requirments to ensure the bamboos durability and effectiveness in the field. Additionally, Sure Gro Tree Max makes regular trips to our bamboo farms in China to ensure the stakes are being produced to our exact specifications and requirments.

Nonetheless, as bamboo canes are a natural product, specifications and colour might vary between batches. To find out more about our Bamboo Stakes range

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