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The Sure Gro Story

Sure Gro was established in 1986 to provide the Australian market with a scientific and technically superior products for revegetation, erosion control and nursery supplies. The company’s erosion control specialists have developed bio-degradable and man made erosion engineered products from local and overseas sources to provide effective environmental solutions.
In 1991 Sure Gro won the prestigious “BHP Landcare Award” for developing the only Tree Guard in the Australian market to out perform all other Tree Guards regardless of environmental conditions. (Results taken from 7 research sites and 24 different types of tree guards).
Sure Gro specialises in the supply of high quality products at cost competitive prices, these include:

Sure Gro also provides professional consulting in land management, vegetation and water systems.

Sure Gro’s product range includes:

  • Tree and Plant Guards
  • Bamboo and Hardwood Stakes
  • Recycled Paper Weed Mats
  • Jute Weed Mats
  • Erosion Control Matting and Metal Pins
  • Fertiliser and Soil Conditioners
  • Planting Accessories

Sure Gro offers you several unique advantages. These include:

  • Developing the Tree Guard technology in Australia 1998
  • Awarded the prestigious 1991 BHP Landcare Research Award.
  • 30 million trees planted and established in Australia and overseas using Sure Gro technology.

The only Tree Guard in Australia to not only have UV stablishers, but also a growth Activator. The result is healthier and larger tree trunk growth.